Sunday, December 6, 2009

When Mothers Are Enslaved...

I just read that the Stupak amendment is even stupider than I thought. There was already a really good, balanced amendment, the Capps amendment, which proposes that the government ensure that all patients have access to at least one plan that covers abortion and services and one that does not. Anything less amounts to state establishment of religion.
This is not self-government. This is nothing but polarized party politics. Parties are not in the Constitution; when will the Supreme Court just uphold a prohibition?
And this is not about life, it is about domination. About men, some of whom cannot stand to not dominate women, to just be co-operative. Men like women to respect them; respecting women, mothers, and children is the best way to get there.

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  1. You do realize that Stupak and Capps are members of the same party, right? This isn't polarized party politics. This is Religion gone bad. There are times for awareness of emotional tone, and there are times to scream the alarm. "Playing nice" with The Family will lead to abortion being illegal here, and gay people killed in Uganda.